Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hervé (Club, Electronica, Experimental, Techno)

Hervé can be found dwelling in London, UK while occasionally hitting up the surrounding area. You may recognize his work under the side projects: The Count and The Count & Sinden, having produced and released for the labels Cheap Thrills, Domino, Loungin’, and Dubsided. Both projects are unique and worthwhile checking out if you have that kind of time. If you don’t check out these bangers below.
Herve – The Science of Fear (Herve Dub Mix)
Hervé drops some splashy, aggressive electro in The Science of Fear. I love the transitions from the flashy uptempo synth to the mellowness throughout the track. Definitely talented on the board, Hervé is about to show you what he’s all about.
Fake Blood – Mars (Herve Re-Fix)
Hervé tosses up a delightful little rendition to Fake Blood’s Mars that caught my attention (and judging by the activity across Hype I’m not alone). While this is not my favourite mix, and to be honest I prefer the original, it highlights a lot of the sampling capabilities Hervé possesses.

Herve – Cheap Thrills
My grade 4 history teacher would always recite, “you can’t know where you’re going, unless you know where you’ve been.” Sometimes the same goes for music. Here is a little bit of a throwback pieced out of Michael Jackson’s Thriller by Hervé. It can be a tad loopy in some areas but has some incredibly funked out rifts that can force the stiffest people to start bending those knees.

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