Friday, June 10, 2011

Biography For Alex Gopher

is a producer / DJ / musician, from France.

Alex entered the French music scene, in the pop band Orange, which featured future stars Etienne de Crécy &both members of Air. After the band's breakup, he continued to collaborate with Crécy &Air, on subsequent projects. Gopher made a name for himself with "You, My Baby &I", an album that combined elements of funk, house &electronica. Before the album's release, Gopher had created his own label, Solid.

The follow-up came out in 2001. Asked by designer Yves St. Laurent for three tracks for their Yves' Cakewalk show, Alex ended up composing ten tracks. He then asked French underground artist, Demon, to give the music a more "clubbier" feeling. The end result was a critically acclaimed album titled Wuz, which used elements found in "You, My Baby, and I" but had its own distinct sound.

continues to produce original tracks for Solid. He did release an EP titled "I Need Change" for BTK Records.

He also continues to tour in Spain, Italy, Australia, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, the UK and Brazil.

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