Friday, January 21, 2011

New Singers 20-1-2011

Artist Profile: A Girl Called Jane

Music is supposed to be fun. Singers should have fantastic voices and out-of-this world personalities (or vice-versa). The songs should make you dance -- even if you can't. Oh, and if the singers happen to be extraordinarily attractive and put on a vibrant stage show, well, that's just a bonus.

Most importantly, music should unite, not divide. It should bring out the best in people, no matter where it's played or who's behind it. The beats need to be Earth-shattering, and the songs life-changing.

With that in mind, meet A Girl Called Jane.

Angel is Russian, but grew up in Germany. Ness also resides in Germany, but she's Ukrainian. Nora hails from Holland, but is of French and Moroccan descent. Talking to these young women for even a few minutes about music and traveling around the world is an eye-opening experience. You can see, and hear, why they formed.

Simply put, A Girl Called Jane is the first true global pop act.

The three women in AGCJ share one similarity: they have music in their blood. Nora started singing at the age of 14. She later got her start as a contestant on Dutch Idol, a talent/reality show where boy and girl groups faced off in a musical competition … all while living together in one house and having their every move filmed. [Nora and her girl group not only won the show, but also scored a No.1 Christmas single.]

When Ness turned 12, she was already signed to a label. By 14, she was recording with David Foster and Celine Dion. But even as a child prodigy, she strived to improve. So out went the solo records, and in came a long period of writing, producing and waiting for the right moment.

Despite her love of hip-hop, Angel's background is more traditional – her parents and grandparents were all opera singers in Russian.

Let's make this clear: A Girl Called Jane is not a pre-fabricated pop group. While the girls had never met before last year (save for one brief meeting between Nora and Ness), their collective musical resumes brought them together by chance. First by meeting noted pop producers June & Frank (D-Town Productions, then getting their demo into the hands of Tye-V Turman (Executive Paradyn Records) and manager Blue Williams, and ultimately, the girls ended up showcasing for Antonio "L.A." Reid (Chairman, The Island Def Jam Music Group) and Karen Kwak (A&R SVP) and landing a record deal on the spot!

A.B.'s Profile
Hometown: Springfield, Massachusetts

Artist Profile: Aaliyah
Until Again...Aaliyah

When considering Aaliyah's track record, it's befitting that her name means "The highest, most exalted one, the best." Her parents, Diane and Michael, decided on the name based on the high hopes and expectations they would have if they had a daughter. Her success as both a recording artist and actress actually makes the name of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Aaliyah made her dreams come true. At 22, she not only had a very successful recording career but also established herself as a motion picture actress and an accomplished business woman.

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